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Fashion in the Streets

Post #2

Streetwear is probably one of my favorite fashion categories because it can be so effortlessly creative and trendy with outside the box styling. Living in the city filled with diverse minds and ideas, you come across various unconventional streetwear and trends that makes you wish it was instantly in your wardrobe.

There is a funny story behind this first picture. My friend and I were getting off the subway on 34th Street and Herald Square where we saw this guy and immediately thought “What a mood!”. I went to grab my phone for a picture, but he was walking so fast it was too late, so I figured it was not meant to be. Little did I know that the next day I was going to run into him again in the SAME OUTFIT. Sunday, we walked into the Zara located in SoHo on Broadway and there he was in his unbothered state of mind. I took that as a sign to ask for a picture and he did not seem surprised by this gesture, so I wonder if he is famous. I loved the vibe behind his look because he mixed classic with trends. The all black attire is a classic that will never go out of style paired with Balenciaga dad sneakers which is a trend that , I believe, is still on the rise.

Another trend that I have been spotting lately are puffer jackets, which I now own if I do say so myself. They are so versatile and could be styled in so many different ways. I noticed this lady in Harlem with a pink puffer jacket and I immediately stopped her because I love how she styled it. The combination of the print quilted skirt, high ankle socks and hair clip was so creative. She told me that she is an alumni from Parsons and currently teaches at the fashion design high school not far from FIT.

Pictured above is my roommate, Chelsey in a maxi camo skirt paired with nude cropped sweater for a chic look. Camouflage prints have always existed because of its utilitarian history, but it falls in and out of popularity in regards to fashion. However, I have noticed that it has re-emerged and is being worn more frequently.

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First of all I just have to say how brave of you to ask someone if you can take a picture of them. I could never. The story behind the first picture is crazy, I mean what are the odds of running into someone you've only just seen the day before in this city. Close to none. The highlighted trend for that picture is also a trend I talked about in my streetwear post, so it must be a true trend. I love the feel of this blog, and your blog as a whole! It very much reflects you!

Gefällt mir
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