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If my services and/or recommendations have impacted you and provided a positive experience, feel free to post your testimonial below. Thank you in advance for your trust and support!

3/1/22, 3:59 PM

I Absolutely Love My BOUGIE & BRUNCH box! The idea is absolutely genius! I am such a germophobe. I am the one to go out and ask for plastic utensils. Oh and let’s talk about the paper straws many restaurants have started to give out. My box has it all. No worries when it comes to going out to eat. You can also fit it in your bag with it’s cute carrying case. I recommend this box for EVERYONE!!! Great gifting idea as well… Let’s not forget “Alley Says” has great food recommendations. She is definitely a TRUE FOODIE!!!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Shally Wine

2/28/22, 12:34 AM

I received amazing recommendations and all of them exceeded my expectations. I was looking for places known for their brunch menus. As well as an instagram post worthy appeal. And Alley gave me her ideal recommendations from the places she has tried and looked into. Brownstones and Relish were two recommendations that she suggested. And I would recommend them both to anyone now! Anytime me and my girls are hungry for some brunch I suggest these places. Not only is the food delicious but very appealing!!! my instagram posts and my stomach thank you very much Alley!! :)

average rating is 5 out of 5

gusmary rodriguez

2/28/22, 4:34 PM

I lovveeee my Bougie and Brunch utensils!! Everyone knows restaurants don’t always put in the max effort to clean utensils the way they should, so why not just bring your own?! You can ensure they are perfectly spotless every time you use them. Buy one for your mom, aunts, uncles, keep one in your car and your purse. Get you some Bougie and Brunch utensils!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Ashanti Abraham

2/28/22, 12:22 AM

Back in September my best friend Alley who is the owner of Bougie and Brunch surprised me with the Bougiest birthday brunch ever at Gitano Garden of Love in NYC. The food and the vibes were immaculate. Alley really knows how to pick a brunch spot and not just any kind of brunch spot but a Bougie brunch spot where you’ll feel good, eat good and get the most out of your Bougie dining experience. You will never be disappointed if you seek out Bougie and Brunch to give you brunch recommendations!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Donneka Brown

2/28/22, 2:02 AM

“Alley says” consistently gets it right. Her reviews and recommendations are always spot on! I have had great dining experiences::graduation brunches with my teens , lunch with mom and girls’ night out dinners thanks to her. Not to mention, I LOVE her Bougie & Brunch dining utensil set! It is a must have!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Sharena Frith

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