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Working Out During Quarantine

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Let me tell you that staying home has been making it difficult to get motivated and work out. I can't go to my local gym or attend to spin classes as per usual. I don't own a treadmill anymore, except I just have this pair of dumbbells, yoga mat, and a set of fit resistance bands. Now, I have to get creative when it comes to working out at home. Taking my dumbbells, yoga mat and fit bands I researched and put together a quick 25 min workout that I can do right outside my house to get my blood pumping.

It goes like this:

(repeat 2-3x)

  • 50 jumping jacks

  • 20 push ups

  • 30 sec plank

  • 30 bicycle crunches

  • 25 squats

  • 30 sec wall squats

  • lunges

  • overhead press

  • 1 min plank

This is a video I created of a few of the exercises I do in my workout routine

Also, going for a walk or jog around your neighborhood (with your masks of course) is a good way to stay active during the quarantine. I live by the water, so as the weather gets warmer you'll find me jogging more often in the mornings before I start my day.

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