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Window Shopping at its Finest

Post #4: Visual Merchandising

Luxury Retailer

Specialty- Dior

Department Store- Neiman Marcus

Mass Retailer

Specialty- H&M

Department Store- Macy's

Visual merchandising is a great way for companies to gain traffic to their store and for consumers to identify the trends that are in season. As I looked at the window of each retailer, I noticed similarities in trend despite the differences in retail category and price points. The use of prints is huge and fresh, especially prints styled with solid colors. H&M and Macy's both feature denim and the combination of denim on denim. Look at the 90s making a comeback for a second. I loved Dior's visual merchandising of a blazer short set and an overall shorts paired with a collared button down shirt. It adds a new twist to power suits and brings a touch of femininity. The Neiman Marcus in Hudson Yards only had one visual merchandised window, to my knowledge, and featured classic, in terms of color- black, mixed with trends which was black and white prints and floral lace. Although there were similarities, each window still illustrated the uniqueness and aesthetic of their brand while exhibiting seasonal trends.

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1 Comment

First off I love the name of your blog it's simple but it catches your attention and is really fun. I also loved diors visual merchandising and i totally agree with the power suits they are bold and edgy yet feminine. You also pointed the repetition of denim in some of the displays that I didn't even notice when looking for my inspo. love your blog! can't wait to read more from you!

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