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The Little Mermaid 2.0?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

For New Years, I wore a turquoise mermaid dress that I created this past summer. Over the summer, I attended a one day sewing class at a fabric store in New York City. The class was started and taught by Dominique Galbraith who is owner and creator of her amazing fashion brand, D.Auxilly. In this 5 hour class, I sketched, cut and sewn this exquisite mermaid dress. This dress consists of 2 fabrics, stretch polyester and sequined/embroidered fabric. I designed it, so that the sequin and embroidered dress started a few inches above the hip, so it looks like the solid fabric flows nicely into the sequined and embroidered fabric. Like music, the details in a garment should flow in a way that it is illustrating a nice melody.

Creating this dress was tons of fun and I learned so much throughout this process.

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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1 Comment

You look beautiful in that dress you made and designed! You stood out on NYE! Proud mama 😘

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