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How to look expensive like fine wine when you're on a budget?

The key to looking your best is not in how much you spend, but how you are styling together the clothes you buy to tell a story. First know where to shop and evaluate the quality of the clothing! Then, come up with a concept or idea for how you would like to look. For specific occasions, I usually come up with a concept of how I want to look. Then I browse, not one, but several clothing stores to find what I am looking for, at a reasonable price, that would convey the style I am trying to portray. Sometimes you may end up not even sticking to your original idea, but that is the beauty in looking at different stores to weigh your options.

For instance, two weeks ago I was celebrating my birthday and I wanted a look that would not break my pocket, but still allow me to look and feel like a million bucks. Every year for some reason I always run to sequins and this year wasn't any different. My original idea was a high slit, sequin dress, but the one that I wanted was not going to be delivered in time. After searching more websites for other options, I came across a dress that I immediately started getting flooded with ideas on how to style it and I knew I had to buy it. I had to buy it simply because I could not believe that the dress was that popping for an AMAZING price. I had to buy it because I already knew the type of shoes I wanted to wear, the jewelry I was going to style it with, and the hairstyle I wanted to rock.

My Outfit:

* Dress: boohoo

* Shoes: Ego Shoes

I was pleasantly happy with my outfit. The dress was such amazing quality that I could not believe how much I actually paid for it. As well, the shoes were as comfortable as can be and looked better in person than on the website.

Link to shop Dress:

Link to shop Shoes:

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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1 Comment

OMGosh...I cannot believe you paid that little for you b-day outfit. You looked absolutely gorgeous. I love your style!

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