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Quarantine, but Make It Fashion

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In this time of isolation and social distancing, it can be superrr easy to feel unmotivated and fall into a habit of binge watching Netflix. You may also find yourself learning new TikTok dances nonstop. I would know, I have done it all. The first week, I literally stayed in pajamas and sweats, except to work out. Yet, it was not motivating me to get any assignments done, so I have been finding new ways to stay in touch with my fashion and getting back on my boss mode.

I came across the #quarantinepillowchallenge on instagram and thought it would be super fun to put together outfits with a pillow as an accessory. A new way to add comfort to fashion?? Yess please!!

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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