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Prom Season is Coming!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

To all my juniors and seniors:

Prom Season is coming soon!! This is the time to start deciding every detail of this special night, if you haven't already. From your look- your dress, your makeup, you hair- to your pre-prom- taking pictures with your date, friends and family- and deciding your ride to the prom location. Stress is an understatement when planning the big evening. Fashion Alley here can help relieve some of this stress!

I can help bring your vision to life!

Have a specific dress in mind, but don't know where to look or purchase?

- I am offering my personal shopping and styling services

Have an one-of a kind idea, but can't find them in stores?

-Offering my design services

Just want to know what would look good on you?

-Also offering my fashion consultation services

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to design and create my own dress for prom. I was able to work with a super talented designer to guide and mentor me throughout the process. This was a 3 month process for me as I wanted to ensure perfection in this one of a kind garment. From being a simple sketch on paper to my vision coming alive in front of me was so mesmerizing! Thank you D.Auxilly for all your help in my designs coming to life.

Watch this vlog below recorded and created by Mandy's Treasures to see the events before my prom night.Thank you so much Mandy for capturing one of my favorite days for me!!

Want your special and monumental day to be captured just like mines? Email today and book her!!

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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You are crazy talented. You continue to amaze me everyday. I can’t wait to wear your designs.No one can stop your grind. #fashionalley



Such a proud moment in my life.. you consistently make daddy and I happy! You’re such a blessing!

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