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How to be Bougie on a Budget in NYC

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One of the biggest misconception about living in the city is that you're constantly breaking the bank. In some cases, that is true, but it can be avoidable when you know the ins and out of NYC and the right places to go. Being a full city girl at heart, I thought it was a good idea to post a blog on this because I always get ask "what are some fun things to do in the city for less?".


Visit museums! Most museums you can enter in for a low as a penny!! A penny!! Although, I personally give at a least a dollar. My personal favorites are the MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Research the newest pop ups and exhibitions with little to no cost! Pop ups are often interactive, fun, and instagrammable! Here are a few that won't break your pocket...

House of Showfields- FREE

Dolce & Gabbana Clubhouse for Millennials- FREE

Winky Lux Experience- $10 ticket which goes towards a purchase of a product at the end of your visit; plus 15% student discount

Jim Henson Exhibition- $11 for students

2120: An Art Experience- $12 general admission

$20 or Less

Museum of Illusion- $18 for students

Artechouse- $20 for students if bought online

New York Botanical Garden- $20 for students


One of the best things about New York is being outdoors and viewing the beautiful scenery it has to offer. Most, if not all, outdoor activities are free! Some of my favorites are walking the Brooklyn Bridge, walking on the High Line, and bike riding in Central Park where bike rental starts $6.

You can also go rowing in Central Park, if the weather permits, which is the most beautiful way to take in New York's upper east side scenery. However it is $15 an hour plus a $20 dollar cash deposit that you get refunded at the end of your boat ride.

In addition, you can also ride the Staten Island Ferry which is FREE and passes by the Statue of Liberty!!

Outdoor Movie Nights at the park hits different. As the temperature gets warmer, areas such as Bryant Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Hudson River Park, offer free movie nights where all you have to do is bring a blanket to sit on. This usually begins in May or June.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: "Crooklyn"

Speaking of warmer weather coming ahead, outdoor food festivals such as Smorgasburg and Queens Night Market grant free entrance to a variety of food pop-ups. The winter market Smorgasburg is currently open, but the outdoor market will start the first week of April. Queens Night Market will also open in April. You can purchase food for as little as $3 to as high as $20, and they taste divine!!

That concludes my BOUGIE ON A BUDGET post! Hope this helps most of you. If you visit any of these places, let me know how your experiences went in the comment section below.

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