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FALL-ing for Fashion: 2 Key Items for FW '20

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Cropped Suit: B. Cucinelli
Blazer Dress: Blaze Milano
Wide Leg: Alexander McQueen

Credit: Fashion Snoops- "Forecasted Tailoring Fall | Winter 20/21"

Tailored suits and jackets are such a classic, starting in men's apparel, then being prominent in women's apparel, especially in the workplace. Tailored suits have evolved over the years into various styles such as single or double breast options, shoulder pads for a powerful look, and -more recently- belted styles. My personal favorite are blazer dresses because of the feminine touch to it. It is also versatile where you can wear it to work and to a nice dinner afterwards.

The CARGO Pant

Prabal Gurung

Credit: Fashion Snoops- "Women's Must Haves Fall | Winter 20/21"

Cargo Pants are rising rapidly due to the utilitarian themed trend making its way back to streetwear. Cargo pants include a variety of pockets on each side of the leg and can arrange from wide leg, straight leg and baggy depending on your type of fit pants. Like jeans, you can definitely dress it up or down as it adds an edgy style to an outfit. I might just switch out my jeans for cargo pants in the fall.

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