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Brown Skin Gals

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

*Singing brown skin girl, your skin just like pearls*

Style is forever. Skin is forever. Your skin is your style. To be brown skinned, to be melanin is the most beautiful thing in the world. Our skin radiates like a sunshine on a cloudy day. As a result of the history of our skin, we do not conform to standards of the world. God says we are more than enough so we dream a life without limits... and we live it on purpose. Don’t be afraid to be comfortable in the skin you’re in, LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN. Own it like you would a new pair of shoes or trendy outfit. People might notice it first because it sparkles, leaving them in wonder... So, do wonders to their imagination.

SN: My roommate and I were bored and decided to have a photoshoot. Our inspiration was peaking at this moment with several ideas being thrown in the open. Finally, my roommate, Chelsey, was like "Ooo bandanas and a wet makeup look". Immediately, I said "I don't know how to do a wet eyeshadow look." Yet, I looked up a tutorial and created this makeup look for the both of us. Chelsey in gold and myself in pink. We call it.... "The Golden Rose".

Blessings and love,

Fashion Alley

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