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3 Blogs I'm Obsessing Over at the Moment

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Post #1

Since it is Black History Month, of course I will be begin with my favorite black fashion blogger. Fashion Bomb Daily is a blog/website created by Claire Sulmers. Claire Sulmers is a journalist whose goal was to appeal to a multicultural audience from a fashion standpoint. Recognizing that there was substantially less online presence for globally based fashion, she decided to launch Fashion Bomb Daily. I absolutely love this blog because I can find where the hottest celebrities and fashion influencers got their outfits from head to toe. Not only does she post the latest fashion news, topics and trends, she also provides advice on how to make it into the fashion industry as a black individual. Fashion Bomb Daily has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise, Teen Vogue, Vogue, The Cut, Glamour, to name a few. In addition, you can shop for fashionable outfits on her website.

Recently, I came across This Time Tomorrow, TTT, and instantly fell in love. This blog covers style, travel, and life in New York City. Krystal Bick, creator of TTT, is a lifelong West Coaster who moved to New York City after working for Google for 5 years to focus on her blog. She has impeccable style and spends her time recreating looks from classic movie scenes. For instance, she recently recreated the last scene from the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany” starring Audrey Hepburn. The pictures captured the essence of the scene in the best way. The creative details in all her style photoshoots are incredible and honestly an inspiration because I would love to be a creative director sometime in the future.

Dana Chanel is a multi-million dollar Christian entrepreneur who created her own platform due to her passion of educating others on wealth and finance. Following her on instagram is inspiring because she is consistently providing pieces of knowledge on how to be financially and spiritually wealthy. She has several successful companies including Curl Bible, Sprinkle of Jesus, and Jumping Jack Tax which gives her experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, marketing and more. She always talks about breaking the generational curses of poverty in her family and spreading that message towards the Christian community and people of color. 

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2 commentaires

This website looks official! The way you formatted the blog looks really good. The font you chose also gives the site a unique style. The blogs you talked about are interesting and have good visuals to back them up. Really well done.


I love how passionate you are about these blogs! I'm most interested in fashion bomb daily and definitely want to try and give that a read if I have time. I haven't read any of the blogs you mentioned before but they all seem really cool. Also I love the pictures you chose!

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