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Black Girl Magic Spirit at Paris Fashion Week

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Zendaya Coleman, one of my favorite fashion icons, collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger to create her vision of an inclusive collection for Paris Fashion Week. The collection and the fashion show was all 70's inspired from the idea, the models, the garments, the music, to the stage set up. The show included various models of all shades, shapes, sizes, and ages. Iconic supermodels such as Beverly Johnson, Pat Cleveland, and Grace Jones literally graced and rocked that runway platform. Grace Jones closed the show dancing along to "Pull Up to the Bumper", and she looked AB-SO-LUTELY fabulous while strutting down to the beat of her own song. The collection consisted of zodiac prints, disco outfits, and exquisite tailoring techniques. The whole thing screamed 70's, just vibrant and fun details and vibe! At the end, all the models came out in classic bell bottom jeans and white tops dancing as they lined up to make room for Zendaya and Tommy to come out.

Trailblazer Zendaya is breaking barriers in the fashion industry. One, the inspiration behind the collection was to pay homage to the Battle of Versailles show which occurred around the 1970's, and where designer Stephen Burrows casted all black models to walk the show. Second, this show reached a whole 'nother demographic, Generation Z, and illustrated how powerful and awesome it can feel to dress up and get glammed up. 70's fashion should make a come-back because it is so creative and fun! Third, she stresses how important inclusivity in all sizes is to her. Fourth, she ensured that all types of blackness was portrayed in the show which embraced how beautiful black girl magic is! For someone that stated, "If there's not a table there, go create your own table!", she sure has created her own table in the fashion industry! She truly snapped and did her thing!

YESS INCLUSION FOR THE WIN! Anything is possible, so never let people put limitations around you. Step out of your comfort zone and CONQUER the world!

Watch the show live and see the beautiful collection in the link below:

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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