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Are We Examining Ourselves During Our Social Distancing?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

There is a reason for this quarantine season. There is a bigger meaning for our isolation besides protecting one's self from this pandemic. I truly believe God called this time specifically for isolation and social distancing , first, to seek Him and grow our individual relationship with Him. When God removes us from the sources we are used to, He is reminding us that He is THE ONE true source that we need and we CAN rely on Him. He is encouraging us to trust in Him, lean on him, and know that he will never leave or forsake us.

Second, He called this time for us to humble and evaluate ourselves. Living in New York, specifically for me, it is a constantly fast-paced lifestyle with the mentality that we "gotta always be busy", to the point that we don't take enough time for ourselves. It makes sense that, at this time, God will pull us away from our normal routine to force us to take at look at ourselves and determine areas where we need to grow. Also, when we sit and examine ourselves, we can recognize our worth a little more and learn to love our weaknesses because God's strength and power is made perfect in our weakness. We are constantly desiring and striving for the future, but God is saying "Wait. I am right by your side with everything you need at this particular time". Knowing God is by your side is such an amazing feeling. Let's stop romanticizing being busy and understand how to live in the moment, and be still. God is forcing us into uncomfortability. He wants us to see differently, do differently, and be different or better than we were yesterday. Digging deeper into His Word will reveal to you the areas you want to grow in and may potentially unlock the gifts and talents you didn't know needed to be released. See the opportunity in this, and SEIZE IT!

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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Amen sis!🙏🏽💖

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