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2019 Grammy

Last night was the 61st Grammy Awards!! If you miss the live award ceremony, I suggest you hop on and catch up because it was amazing. 15 time Grammy award winner, Alicia Keys, was our hostess this year and, surprisingly, she killed AND owned her hosting platform! HOWEVER, her outfits... hmmm let's analyze them!

1. YES!! Alicia Keys clearly left her mark on the 2019 Grammy Red Carpet in a red plunging, v-neck GiorgioArmani gown! I love the detail of this dress, the buttons going down in a curve and the slit in the lower middle.

2. Meh.. To start the Grammys, Alicia dressed in a Oscar de la Renta jumpsuit, accessorized with a headscarf by Emilio Pucci. I'll admit when she first came out with this outfit, it was an whole entire vibe because that is a close representation of me in my dorm room bed, cozied up to my laptop and watching the show. I like the subtleness of this outfit because the headscarf tones the jumpsuit down to almost casual, but still remaining classy. It is so Alicia Keys and minimalist, but for the opening of the show I felt she could've gave a little more "umph" like her red carpet look.

3. Okurr! I see you Ms. Keys! This look is so chic, I cannot even. Yet another plunged v-neck, but bodysuit paired with blinged Balmain pants. Her brimmed hat was just the icing on the cake. I love, love, love it because it's an outside the box type outfit. Perfect outfit to show off her skills of playing two pianos at once!

4. For her introduction of Diana Ross to the stage, Alicia rocked an all leather jumpsuit. At this point, I was assuming that v-neck was her theme of the night haha. This leather lady paired her look with a beautiful diamond necklace. This was such a great look as well.

5. Last, but not least Keys ended the night with a red jumpsuit and sheer cape over it as she announced Kasey Musgraves as the winner for Album of the Year. Keys started with red and ended with red. I adored this outfit because although I thought of 'superhero?' when she appeared with this look, I also thought she looked so graceful and so classy as she closed the show!!

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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1 Comment

#2 was my least fave ! Looks like she just woke up !

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