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DIY Project

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

One of my favorite classes that I am taking this semester, Styling, allowed me to explore and expand my creativity. For one project, we had to think outside the box to create a DIY piece. For this project, I decided to use one of my old denim jackets and personalize it to make it represent me. Anyone that knows me knows I love jean jackets. They are so versatile because you can dress it up or down, and they go with literally anything.

I love jean jackets with words and images. I think they are so fresh and since garments with symbols on them are trending for next season, I decided to incorporate sayings on the jacket that I live by. I included a picture of myself with an outline of my hearing aid on the back of jacket. Then, I wrote "They Say Disability, I Say..." near the picture. To finish the statement, I included "Different Ability" on each arm with velvet letters. I finished off this DIY piece with some rhinestones and extra quotes on the front to go with the patches that were already detailed in the jacket.

This project meant a lot to me because I was vulnerable enough to incorporate a piece of myself on a garment for everyone to see. I hope this inspires people to continually be themselves, and never be afraid to speak their truth. You are exceptional!

Blessings and Love,

Fashion Alley

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